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Universal System Accessible to the World

Strengthening Participation of Global Citizens: If the PunkPoll platform becomes a universal platform, people from various backgrounds around the world can participate in the decision-making process. This generates a more diverse range of opinions and voting results, enabling a broader understanding and more accurate outcomes.

Addressing Global Issues: Fair decision-making and responses to global issues require participation beyond borders. The PunkPoll platform provides a space where people worldwide can express their opinions and vote on these global issues.

Democratic Decision-Making: This is important not only at the national level, but also at the international level. Through the PunkPoll platform, global citizens can experience a fair and transparent voting system and directly feel the values of democracy.Ecosystem and Economy: The ecosystem of PunkPoll is composed of zk-PUNK(nft), PUNK Token, and PGT, serving as the basis for PunkPoll's economic activities in operating voting and polling services accessible to everyone worldwide. Each user mines PUNK Token through zk-PUNK(nft), uses that token for activities on the platform, and as a result, obtains PUNK Token. The platform is composed of Punkpoll Governance Token (PGT) for initial development and operation, maintaining the PunkPoll ecosystem in a healthy and sustainable state.