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Punkpoll Platform


We are building a decentralized voting and polling platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate and create easily.

Conditions for the Voting and Public Opinion Survey Platform

Key Features of the PUNKPOLL Voting and Public Opinion Survey Platform

  1. Universal Accessibility: PUNKPOLL is designed to be effortlessly accessible by anyone around the globe, embodying a truly universal service.
  2. Simplified Voting System: The platform features a straightforward structure that is inherently resistant to tampering and manipulation, ensuring the integrity of the voting process.
  3. Online and Messenger-based Voting: To facilitate convenience, PUNKPOLL supports voting via the internet and messenger applications. This modern approach enables users to participate in polls anytime and anywhere, surpassing the limitations of traditional voting methods.
  4. Enhanced Security with zkBlockchain: Employing zkBlockchain technology, PUNKPOLL guarantees the transparency and security of each vote. This advanced system thwarts manipulation and fraudulent activities, safeguarding personal information and allowing users to vote with confidence.
  5. Global Platform Accessibility: As a 'platform' type service, PUNKPOLL is accessible from any country or region, offering a non-discriminatory voting environment that transcends national boundaries.
  6. User-friendly Voting Builder: The platform provides an intuitive voting builder and system, enabling individuals and organizations to effortlessly create and manage polls. This feature democratizes the voting process, allowing for a broader range of topics and issues to be voted on, thereby better reflecting the public's opinion in policy-making.
  7. Incentivizing Serious Participation: By rewarding participants with PUNK Tokens, PUNKPOLL motivates users to engage more actively and seriously in voting. This reward system transforms voting from a mere duty to a valued activity, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of voting outcomes while also increasing participant satisfaction.

The Vision for PUNKPOLL: Our goal is for PUNKPOLL to evolve into a fully secure and easy-to-use voting platform, accessible to anyone worldwide.