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Ecosystem and Economy

Punkpoll Tokens

Types and Roles of Punkpoll Tokens

Punkpoll consists of two utility tokens that represent political rights and economic rights as humans and citizens.

These tokens embody the meaning of 'exercising my political rights {Poll} and also obtaining economic rights {PUNK}'.

zk-PUNK(nft) and Punk Token are crucial tokens that play a central role in the Punkpoll ecosystem.

These two tokens are at the heart of the Punkpoll economy and are the driving force that sustains and grows the platform.

  • zk-PUNK(nft): This token corresponds to the 'vote' that represents me on the Punkpoll platform and is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) grounded in zero-knowledge proofs to ensure participants' data ownership and privacy. Participants can ensure their anonymity and securely protect their data through this NFT. This NFT also allows tracking of participants' activities and rewards, reinforcing the credibility of the Punkpoll ecosystem.
  • Punk Token: This is an essential utility token used for all transactions on the Punkpoll platform. Organizers hosting voting and opinion poll events purchase or exchange this token to operate events and provide rewards to participants. This token is also used for fee payments for all services within Punkpoll. Moreover, Punk Token can be exchanged in the platform's liquidity pool and traded for cash or other cryptocurrencies, and it can also be traded on other external exchanges.

These two tokens interact within the Punkpoll ecosystem and contribute to maintaining a healthy economy on the platform.

Functions of Punkpoll Tokens


  • Overview: This is a utility token used for all voting conducted on the Punkpoll platform.
  • Functions:
    • Special Function: It acts as a 'vote' in specific voting smart contracts and voting programs.
    • Voting Participation: zk-PUNK(nft) serves as a 'vote' during voting on the Punkpoll platform.
    • Voting Receipt: After the voting ends, a token named 'zk-A-vote-nft' is issued as a voting receipt to each participant.
    • Voting Verification: Voters can verify through their received 'zk-A-vote-nft' that their vote has been accurately included in the voting results.
    • Data Protection: zk-PUNK(nft) is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that guarantees participants' data ownership and privacy.
    • Anonymity & Reward Tracking: It ensures participant anonymity while tracking activity history and rewards.
  • References: ERC-721, ERC-6551, ERC-1155

PUNK Token

  • Overview: This is a utility token necessary for all transactions on the Punkpoll platform.
  • Functions:
    • Voting Hosting: PUNK Tokens can be purchased from anywhere in the world to host voting and opinion poll events on Punkpoll.
    • Reward Distribution: Rewards are provided to those who participate in voting and opinion polls.
    • Fee Payment: It is used for paying service fees within the platform.
    • Trading & Transfers: It can be traded in the platform's liquidity pool and external DEX (Decentralized Exchanges), and can be transferred to various wallets.
  • References: ERC-20

NFT and Fungible Token in Punkpoll

Characteristics of NFT in Punkpoll:

  1. Voting Role in Smart Contracts: Voting exercise and result finalization are achieved by sending to a specific index (similar to a wallet concept) within the voting smart contract.
  2. Uniqueness: Represents my 'vote' and specific voting or opinion polls (e.g., 2025-New York Mayoral Election, 2027-Local Market Election, etc.)
  3. Indivisibility: An NFT cannot be divided; it represents my vote, voting receipt, and specific total votes.
  4. Ownership & Authentication: Data of my voting usage, voting authentication, and vote verification, etc.
  5. Transferability: Can be transferred to my Wallet. 

Characteristics of Fungible Token in Punkpoll:

  1. Compatible with ERC-20 utility tokens (Mina Protocol) for exchange and transfer.
  2. Proof of Identification-based 100 PUNK mining per person (total issuance is proportional to the number of authenticated users).
  3. Some of the PUNK Tokens received as fees by the Operating System can be burned.
  4. Ideally, it can be represented in the Mina Wallet without special modifications or can be exchanged on Dex 

PUNK Token Mining

Punk tokens are mined through a 'social graph authentication mining' method by subscribers. When a user joins PunkPoll, 100 PUNKs are mined just once.

However, these remain in a 'Lock-up' state until the user's identity is verified by at least three friends. Once the subscriber receives verification from three friends via the social graph authentication method, these tokens are unlocked and become available for use.

PUNK Token Distribution

The distribution of PUNK Tokens is as follows: Out of the 100 PUNKs mined by each verified subscriber, 10 PUNKs are allocated to the subscriber as a reward for social graph authentication, 1 PUNK is donated to '1% for Charity', 10 PUNKs go to the PunkPoll platform operators, and 9 PUNKs are distributed for operational systems (operational expenses, investors, DAO partners, etc.). The remaining 60-70 PUNKs are allocated to the liquidity pool (Liquidity pool) to ensure sustainable operation and liquidity of the Punkpoll ecosystem.

Social Graph Authentication, Mining per Person: 100 Punk Tokens

  • Verified Subscribers: 10 PUNK ~ 20 PUNK
  • 1% for Charity: 1 PUNK
  • Operators (Development and Management): 10 PUNK
  • Operating Expenses (Operating System, Investors, DAO Partners): 9 PUNK
  • Liquidity Pool: 60 ~ 70 PUNK