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PUNKPOLL is a decentralized platform for voting and public opinion surveys that anyone, anywhere in the world, can easily participate in and create.

The platform develops and provides a decentralized voting system and services by integrating Mina's zkBlockchain and distributed digital technologies. The primary goal of PUNKPOLL is to contribute to individual rights and the development of democracy through an accessible voting system.

PUNKPOLL operates a "Voting with Two Tokens" system, using voting tokens to verify voter eligibility and maintain security, and utility tokens to provide rewards and receipts. These two tokens complement each other within the decentralized environment to ensure resistance to coercion, integrity, and transparency of the vote.

The decentralized voting system features the decentralization of the L1 blockchain, decentralization of the voting builder and voter verification system, integrity of the voting smart contract, off-chain TX processing and proof process, a sufficiently verified interface for voting participation, a planned implementation of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for voting results, and verification of voting receipts. This structure is designed to be simple and transparent for users. For example, creating votes as 'zk-NFTs' can protect personal information (coercion resistance, censorship resistance) while enhancing the integrity and transparency of the vote.update July 2024

PUNKPOLL issues PUNK tokens with utility functions to make the platform easily usable worldwide. These tokens are mined through user authentication of social graphs and contribute to the maintenance and growth of the PUNKPOLL ecosystem. All votes and polls are operated using PUNK tokens, and participants receive them as rewards for their participation and as receipts for the results. This incentive mechanism encourages participation and ensures the integrity of the vote.

PUNKPOLL aims to overcome the limitations of traditional voting systems to realize direct democracy, enhancing democratic processes and individual rights to improve lives worldwide. ⛵