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Ecosystem and Economy


The PunkPoll ecosystem is a platform for realizing 'individual governance', providing tools and environments where participants can express opinions on social issues according to their values and principles, and exert influence. It is composed of poll (survey) hosts, participating voters, platform operators, and DAO partners who grow the platform, each of whom interacts and grows interdependently with their respective roles and responsibilities.

The PunkPoll ecosystem consists of the following components and participants:

  1. Participants: Various participants such as individuals, groups, companies, government agencies, etc., participate in the PunkPoll ecosystem to express opinions and exert influence.
  2. Social Issues: Various social issues, which are determined or opinions are put forward through voting, surveys, etc., are at the center of the ecosystem. These issues span various fields such as education, environment, economy, politics, etc.
  3. Platform: The PunkPoll platform plays a role in supporting participants to easily open and participate in votes, surveys, etc. In addition, the platform ensures the privacy and security of the participants and provides the reliability and transparency of the results of voting and surveys.
  4. Tokens: In the PunkPoll ecosystem, zk-PUNK(nft) and PUNK Token(incentive) play a role in driving participants and institutions. The tokens create value within the ecosystem through rewards, incentives, participation in governance, etc., and allow participants to express opinions and exert influence more actively.

Thus defined, the PunkPoll ecosystem contributes to the exercise of individual governance by allowing participants to participate in the decision-making process on various social issues and providing the results in a transparent and trustworthy manner.