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My Governance

'My Governance' refers to the ability of an individual, based on their values and principles, to exercise their opinions and influence in a positive way in society and their surroundings. Through this, individuals can fulfill their social responsibilities and contribute to their local communities and the broader world.

'My Governance' focuses on individual-centered democratic decision-making and autonomy. It breaks away from the traditional centralized power structure, allowing individuals and communities to determine and carry out their destinies on their own. It also employs encryption technologies (like zero-knowledge proof) and blockchain technologies to ensure safer and more transparent decision-making. 'My Governance' seeks for each individual to express their opinions, share them with others, and enhance their society and local communities through democratic decision-making.

The Punkpoll platform serves as a tool to realize individual governance. It provides tools for expressing opinions on various social issues and exerting influence. By offering a voting, survey, and opinion poll system that ensures trust and transparency while prioritizing individual privacy, the platform ensures systematic reflection of individual opinions, contributing to societal development. Punkpoll is a platform where individuals come together to steer the world in a better direction.

'My Governance' signifies the exercise of an individual's opinion and influence in society and the surrounding environment. It is the culmination of various elements such as voting and opinion poll services, democratic decision-making, social influence, economic rights, and enhancing an individual's economic benefits.

The above Venn diagram showcases the interactive relationship between three main components: voting and opinion poll services, democratic decision-making, and social influence and economic rights. These elements intertwine to form the concept of 'My Governance'.

Voting & Opinion Poll Services (a means to express individual opinions and choices): This component enables individuals to express their opinions and make decisions on various social issues. By participating in voting and opinion polls, individuals actively contribute their thoughts and preferences, thereby influencing the overall consensus or outcome.

Democratic Decision Making (a process where individual opinions influence societal decisions): This process encompasses making decisions based on the majority's preferences or opinions. As individuals participate in democratic decision-making through voting and opinion poll services, their collective decisions can influence societal norms, policies, and other crucial facets of society. Thus, democratic decision-making is a primary method for individuals to shape and influence their societal environment.

Social Influence & Economic Rights: This element symbolizes the potential impact individuals can have on society and their surroundings, along with their economic rights and benefits. By expressing opinions, making choices, and participating in decision-making processes, individuals can exert societal influence. Moreover, by championing their economic rights and interests, they can help mold a just and equal society.

When these elements function cohesively, they create a mechanism that enables individuals to express their thoughts, make decisions, influence society, and safeguard their economic rights and benefits. This collective interplay molds the concept of 'My Governance'. 'My Governance' empowers individuals, granting them the authority to actively participate, influence, and shape their social and economic settings.