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PUNKPOLL is a decentralized platform for voting and public opinion surveys that anyone, anywhere in the world, can easily participate in and create.


PUNKPOLL develops and provides a decentralized voting system and services to experience it. This system is being built by integrating Mina's zkBlockchain and distributed digital technologies. The primary goal of PUNKPOLL is to contribute to individual rights and the development of democracy through a voting system that is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The reliability of the voting system is very important, and PUNKPOLL realizes this by providing a trustworthy platform for both election organizers and participants. As the number of users increases, the credibility of this platform will be strengthened, evolving into a widely used decentralized voting platform.

Punk Token Symbol

PUNKPOLL issues PUNK tokens that include utility functions, making the platform easily usable anywhere in the world. These tokens are mined through the authentication of users' social graphs and contribute to the maintenance and growth of the PUNKPOLL ecosystem. All votes and polls are operated using PUNK tokens, and participants receive them as rewards for their participation and as receipts for the results. This incentive mechanism encourages participation and ensures the integrity of the vote.

Voting with two tokens

The ultimate goal of PUNKPOLL is to strengthen direct democracy and improve the lives of people around the world. To this end, the PUNKPOLL platform plans to provide users with a way to experience direct democracy.

PunkPoll Corp which is developing and operating the PunkPoll platform, is located in Seoul Korea. It is likely that soon it will exist only on the blockchain...