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Punkpoll Platform

Punkpoll Citizen

Punkpoll Citizen' is defined as an active participant who proactively engages in the decentralized Punkpoll platform, aspiring to digital direct democracy and economic democracy.

To become a Punkpoll Citizen, one must join the Punkpoll platform and go through a decentralized social graph authentication process. Users who receive the 'zk-PUNK(nft)1' token through this authentication meet the basic criteria to become a part of the Punkpoll community.

  1. Political Rights: Punkpoll Citizens have the right to participate in 'voting and surveys' offered by the platform. This allows them to freely express their opinions on social, political, and economic issues, participating in the democratic decision-making process through the platform.
  2. Economic Rights: Punkpoll Citizens authenticate themselves and mine Punk tokens. Through an incentive system comprised of Punk Tokens, they enhance their economic benefits by participating in voting and surveys, exercising their political and economic rights.
  3. Duties: Punkpoll Citizens must adhere to the platform's terms of use and policies, and participate honestly and fairly in voting and surveys. They are also expected to behave responsibly within the platform, aligning with the community's expectations of a responsible citizen.
  4. Protection of Personal Information: Personal and participation information is protected through zero-knowledge proofs.

Punkpoll Citizens embody the spirit of Cypherpunk, protecting individual rights and privacy. By actively participating in the core of digital direct democracy – 'voting and surveys' – they freely express their opinions and exert influence on social and political issues. In this process, they understand and respect the importance of economic incentives, fulfilling their role as citizens who build their own governance.