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Punkpoll Platform

Punkpoll Citizen

A Punkpoll Citizen is someone who actively participates in the Punkpoll platform. They are registered users verified through a social graph, committed to decentralized digital direct democracy and economic democracy, and actively engage in Punkpoll governance. 🌐 💪

To become a Punkpoll Citizen, one must join the Punkpoll platform and go through a decentralized social graph authentication process. Users who receive the 'zk-PUNK(nft)' token through this authentication meet the basic criteria to become a part of the Punkpoll community. *zk-PUNK(nft) = Punkpoll Citizen Certificate

  1. Political Rights: Punkpoll Citizens have the right to participate in 'voting and surveys' offered by the platform. This allows them to freely express their opinions on social, political, and economic issues, participating in the democratic decision-making process through the platform.
  2. Economic Rights: They authenticate themselves and mine Punk tokens. By participating in voting and surveys, they earn Punk tokens and enhance their economic benefits. Additionally, they have the right to receive a share of the profits from Punkpoll operations and Punk Token operations.
  3. Governance Participation:
    • They can participate in the creation of laws and the operational systems of Punkpoll, engage in governance voting, and propose initiatives.
    • They can elect and remove council members who operate Punkpoll and PUNK TOKEN.
  4. Duties: Platform citizens must protect individual rights and privacy, actively participate in digital democracy, and fulfill their role in building autonomous governance, thereby contributing to the development of the Punkpoll platform. They must also participate honestly and fairly in voting and surveys, comply with the platform's terms of use and policies, and behave responsibly to meet community expectations.

Punkpoll Citizens embody the spirit of Cypherpunk, protecting individual rights and privacy. By actively participating in the core of digital direct democracy – 'voting and surveys' – they freely express their opinions and exert influence on social and political issues. In this process, they understand and respect the importance of economic incentives, fulfilling their role as citizens who build their own governance. update 2024.5.1