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Background and Philosophy

Cypherpunk and PUNKPOLL

In the Cypherpunk1 movement, PUNK signifies the pursuit of individual privacy protection and freedom of information, representing personal information protection and civil liberties. The Cypherpunk movement, which began in the late 1980s, seeks social and political changes through the widespread use of robust encryption and personal privacy protection technologies. This movement has laid the foundation for modern cryptography and digital personal privacy protection communities.

POLL2 represents the Individual, and signifies their opinions and participation concerning various issues in the society or region to which they belong. This typically materializes through elections, voting, and polling, and is one of the essential methods for individuals to actively participate for better governance and democracy.

' PUNK POLL = cypherPUNK + POLL '

PUNKPOLL, a combination of CypherPUNK and POLL, aims to build 'My Governance' by respecting individual information and rights, providing various democratic governance tools that allow for easier and more frequent participation. It accurately reflects the philosophy and vision of PunkPoll, focusing on creating a platform that protects individuals' rights and information while promoting democratic participation.

  • Improvement of Political Rights Exercise: The PUNKPOLL platform aids the easy and transparent exercise of political rights such as voting and polling, using the 'vote' (zk-PUNK3), an irreplaceable based on zero-knowledge proof that respects individual privacy while ensuring civil rights. By doing so, it enables more people to participate in the political decision-making process and strengthen democratic decision-making.
  • Expansion of Economic Rights: The platform is based on providing economic incentives to participants for all voting and polling on the platform using PUNK Tokens. This token is also used for incentives, rewards, and costs, helping participants exercise their economic rights.
  • Construction of a Virtuous Ecosystem: The platform combines political rights and economic rights to create a virtuous cyclic ecosystem. This ecosystem aims to build a governance platform for the digital age where people can communicate, participate in decision-making, and pursue economic equality.
  • Strengthening Transparency and Reliability Based on Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proof: The platform seeks to enhance data transparency and reliability using blockchain and zero-knowledge proof technologies. This is essential in protecting participants so they can safely express their political views and actively participate.

The 'PunkPoll Platform' seeks to ensure and exercise political and economic rights as humans and citizens, building a new governance platform for the digital age where people around the world can communicate, participate in decision-making, and pursue economic equality.

Reference 1
Cypherpunk & Cryptography: Encryption and the Cypherpunk movement pursue the protection of individual privacy and freedom of information. They used cryptography and distributed network technology to prevent concentration of authority, promoting democracy and individual freedom.
The Cypherpunk movement began in the 1980s and 1990s, led by cryptographers, hackers, and free software activists. They developed and used encryption technology to protect individual privacy and ensure freedom of information. Key figures in the Cypherpunk movement include William Binney, Eric Hughes, David Chaum, and Julian Assange. They contributed to spreading the philosophy of the Cypherpunk movement and the importance of encryption technology.
The Cypherpunk movement aims for anonymity, privacy protection, freedom of information, and financial freedom through encryption technology. Through this, it challenges the power structure of the internet age and strives to protect individual rights and freedoms. As a result of the Cypherpunk movement, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology were born. These technologies bring innovative changes in finance and other industries and contribute to realizing decentralization and privacy protection.(reference:A History of Cryptography and the Rise of the CypherPunks andThe origins of cypherpunk and blockchain, Cypherpunk Assange talks about freedom from surveillance, Cypherpunk )

Reference 2
Inspired by citizen participation and rights from "Examining citizen participation: local participatory policymaking and democracy revisited," and my governance methodology thought from "Digital Governance - The Future of the Nation, Market, Society (by Jo Hwa-soon 조화순)" and "Presidential System and Party Politics from the Perspective of Delegated Democracy- Focusing on Democratic Accountability (by Hyun JaeHo 현재호)".

Reference 3
zk-PUNK(nft) was inspired by Cypherpunk, and based on the concept of 'Zero-Knowledge Proof,' it refers to the 'vote,' which is an irreplaceable representative of my political rights, in order to protect individual privacy and exercise rights freely as a citizen. (zk-PUNK, or zk-PUNK(nft), zk-PUNK-NFT all mean the same 'zk-PUNK')