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'My ID, My VOTE'- zk-PUNK (NFT) is inspired by Cypherpunk and embodies the protection of an individual's privacy while freely exercising one's rights as a citizen. zk-PUNK (NFT) is both my ID and represents 'the vote' that stands in for my political rights. In all votes and surveys conducted by Punkpoll, this 'vote' is used to exercise political rights.

My ID, My Vote & Punkpoll Symbol
*zk-PUNK(NFT) = zk-PUNK(NFT), zk-PUNK, zkPUNK

Issuance of 'zk-PUNK' Through Identity Verification:

Upon joining PunkPoll and completing identity verification through a social graph, a zk-PUNK containing 'basic personal information' is issued.

ZK (Zero-Knowledge Proof) based PUNK (personal authentication information) contained within an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Information Contained in 'zk-PUNK':

zk-PUNK contains information verified at sign-up and detailed information materialized through participation in voting and surveys.

  • Basic Information: Age, gender, region, verified friends.
  • Value Information: Information materialized through participation in PunkPoll voting and surveys, uniquely owned by the individual, which helps to understand one's inclinations (ideological, political, social issues, etc.) without being explicitly known even to oneself.

'zk-PUNK' Smart Contract:

The zk-PUNK (NFT) smart contract is issued upon joining PunkPoll and completing real-name verification, managing the updated final status value as value information is added every time the user participates in voting or surveys.

  • Social graph verification information is updated whenever a friend is verified, and the final state value of the NFT smart contract is updated.
  • When a user participates in voting or surveys, the zk-PUNK (NFT) is issued with added specific voting information based on its basic information, updating the value information.
  • When value information is added or updated, the NFT data is updated, and the final state value of the NFT smart contract is updated.

Usage and Analysis of zk-PUNK:

  • Voter Verification: zk-PUNK uses Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) for voter identity verification in voting. Voters can prove their eligibility without directly disclosing their identity information. Additionally, zk-PUNK can be used anonymously to verify participant eligibility in public sector policy decisions or shareholder verification.
  • Voting Participation: Voters can participate in the voting process through zk-PUNK (vote). zk-PUNK ensures the validity of the vote and prevents double voting.
  • Verification in Surveys and Advertising: zk-PUNK is used as a means of verifying participant eligibility in surveys and advertising data collection. Participants' personal information is not disclosed, but their responses can be verified as valid and trustworthy.
  • Balancing Privacy Protection and Data Analysis: zk-PUNK protects user privacy while enabling analysis of participation data. It is designed to allow detailed analysis through ZKP while maintaining user anonymity, as needed for statistical analysis.
  • Voting Receipt: At the end of a vote or survey, a 'zk-A-VOTE-nft' token is issued to each participant as a receipt, allowing them to check if their vote has been reflected in the results. This enhances the transparency of the voting platform and can be used as a basis for providing incentives to users, if necessary.
  • zk-PUNK plays a crucial role in identity verification and participation verification across various fields, ensuring both user privacy protection and the reliability of the voting and data collection processes of the platform.
  • zk-PUNK analysis protects individual information while utilizing statistical methods for analysis.