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Open Beta Punkpoll

January 23, 2024
'Punkpoll' launches its open beta service, allowing users to experience a 'decentralized voting and opinion poll platform' based on zkBlockchain.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Open Beta Platform

  1. Users can experience more than just basic voting, opinion polls, and anonymous surveys. By registering as 'Punkpoll Citizens,' they become part of a direct democracy ecosystem.
  2. This process involves a decentralized authentication method called social graph authentication, which is coupled with the mining of Punk Tokens.
  3. This platform operates on the Berkeley (HodoriNet) version of Mina's zkBlockchain, which is preparing for a hard fork.

πŸ› Voting and Opinion Poll Platform

The platform is built by integrating Mina Foundation's zero-knowledge blockchain with various distributed digital technologies. Punkpoll's main goal is to provide an easily accessible voting system and opinion poll service to people worldwide. This platform offers citizens the opportunity to freely express their opinions and voice their concerns on significant social issues. Users can express their opinions in a direct democratic manner by participating in voting and opinion polls.

πŸ“’ Service Details

  • Main service: News-based Opinion Poll Service
    This service targets the online news readership. A 'poll button' is randomly displayed on specific news articles that are the topic of the day, targeting readers of those articles. The response sample size for one news item is limited to a maximum of about 1,000 people, with exposure based on visitor statistics for each time slot, ranging from 2 to 24 hours, and ends when the set target or sample size is reached.
  • Potential Service: Voting and Survey Service
    Small-scale voting and anonymous survey services are possible.
Open Beta Platform
Open Beta

🀳 Easy Accessibility: KakaoTalk Messenger

The open beta service can be accessed through KakaoTalk Messenger, used by almost every Korean. Low accessibility in opinion polls risks failing to reflect the diverse voices of society. This is because some citizens may not participate in polls or may find it difficult to do so, leading to distortion in the diversity and representativeness of public opinion. By ensuring easy accessibility, all citizens can participate in the polling process, contributing to the formation of fairer and more diverse public opinions. This results in poll outcomes more accurately reflecting the opinions of the entire populace, thereby enhancing the representativeness of the survey.

🀟Social Graph Authentication Method: Decentralized Authentication Model

Punkpoll adopts a social graph authentication method for user verification. In this approach, users are authenticated in a decentralized manner by receiving mutual authentication from at least three friends. This approach strengthens the decentralized nature of the Punkpoll platform and enhances trust among community members.

🌐 Punkpoll Citizens: Citizens of the Punkpoll Ecosystem

'Punkpoll Citizen' refers to active participants in the Punkpoll ecosystem who realize digital direct democracy and economic democracy. These individuals become part of the community by registering on the platform and completing social graph authentication, receiving a 'zk-PUNK(nft)*1' ID. Punkpoll Citizens have the right to participate in voting and opinion polls offered by the platform, expressing their views on social, political, and economic issues. They also authenticate themselves and mine Punk Tokens, gaining economic benefits. Punkpoll Citizens must adhere to the platform's terms of use and policies, participate honestly and fairly, and are protected in terms of personal information through zero-knowledge proof, freely expressing opinions and exerting influence on social and political issues. They recognize and respect the importance of economic incentives in this process and contribute to governance building.

*1 'zk-PUNK(nft)' symbolizes an irreplaceable 'vote' that represents one's political rights, created with 'zero-knowledge proof' and 'NFT', inspired by Cypherpunk, to protect individual privacy and exercise rights freely as a citizen.

🎁 'Authentication Mining' and User Participation and Rewards for Direct Democracy Ecosystem

Punkpoll has devised 'Authentication Mining' as an innovative method to strengthen the digital direct democracy ecosystem. In this system, when users complete social graph authentication (authentication from at least three friends), 100 Punk Tokens are mined per user at once. Here, 10% to 20% of the Punk Tokens obtained through this authentication process are distributed to the users who authenticated them. The mined Punk Tokens contribute to the maintenance and development of the Punkpoll ecosystem, emphasizing its decentralized nature and encouraging more active participation in Punkpoll.

🧬 Punk Token <> Exchange with Mina

Punkpoll provides Punk Tokens to motivate participation in voting and opinion polls. Users can exchange accumulated Punk Tokens for MINA after a certain amount of participation.

β˜‚ Collaboration with Publish

The news-based opinion poll service has become possible through collaboration with Publish, which has partnerships with over 60 media outlets. This partnership allows collecting and analyzing a variety of opinions and perspectives through Punkpoll's 'news-based opinion poll' service, reflecting a broader and more diverse range of public opinion.

✌ What Can Be Done on This Platform Now

  • News-based Opinion Poll Service
  • Anonymous Surveys
  • Voting with less than 10,000 participants per day

πŸ“ˆ System Completeness and Degree of Decentralization*2

*2 The degree of decentralization is scored heuristically in five stages, based on decentralization from administrators, service systems, and blockchain.
*Reference: Considerations on Decentralization (
korbit), Measuring Blockchain Decentralization