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How to Participate in the Open Beta

šŸš“ Method 1:

Search for 'Punkpoll' in KakaoTalk messenger and join through the Punkpoll KakaoTalk channel..

šŸ‘‰ Join via KakaoTalk messenger.

šŸš€ Method 2:

When you click the 'Vote' button on a specific survey at the Punkpoll news-based opinion polling platform, an message will be sent to your KakaoTalk.

šŸ© Participation Rewards

  1. Survey Participation Rewards:
  • Receive a certain amount of Punk Tokens as a reward for each survey participation.
  • If you hold more than 5 Punk Tokens, they can be exchanged 1:1 with MINA.
  1. Signup Authentication Rewards:
  • When you sign up and authenticate with Social Graph, you can receive 10 to 20 Punk Tokens.
  • The distributed Punk Tokens will be paid after Mina's zkBlockchain hard fork, expected in March to April 2024.